At a Glance

Tavan Polymer Adl  Tavan polymer Adel Co. started activities since January 2007 on three shifts in the industrial city of Abbas Abad and in the area 1300 square meters. Its main field of activity are production and granulation of all types of plastic materials reinforced with carbonate and glass fiber that has an annual production capacity of 1200 tons. During these years, it has been one of the main importers of polymer materials and reinforcement of materials and fibers.

Production capacity

Based on the exploitation license, the nominal capacity is 1200 tons polymeric materials per year which now approximately 50% of production capacity is used.

The main manufacturing processes in this Company include:

• Plastic injection from the tonnage of 35 tons to 400 tons.
• Polymeric parts coating line continuously and automatically.
• Montages Lines for handle and pillar-frame of front grille and window regulator.


The main customers of the company are Saipa, Iran Khodro, Pars Khodro and Zamyad.
Products manufactured by its current custmers include:
Saipa Co. : hubcap of Pride and Tiba , Inner and outer handles of pride, exterior handles of Tiba 232,231, front grille of Tiba, front pillar-frame of Pride and Tiba. Zamyad Co.: Inner handles of Naysan and Window regulator of Naysan. Pars khodro Co.: hubcap of Brilliance. Iran khodro Co.: hubcap of Peugeot (206,405,SLX) , Smand Souren , new design Peykan , Rana , Arisan, and cylinder head cover of Peugeot 206. Dina Part Co.: All manufactured parts in the Company.