SAIPA Group Company

Until 1985, the Renault and Citroen logos were being used by SAIPA. However, due to some changes in its policies and programs and in order to diversify products, it was necessary to have a trademark and to build an independent brand.
Inspired by the traditional tiled tower in the Ilkhanid period, the logo of SAIPA was created, and one of the most important features of this logo is its dimensional harmony with the use of three symmetrical crests arranged with 120 ° angles, capable of change in size and dimension.
At first glance, SAIPA logo seems to be a cogwheel which is a symbol of industry and production. With more precise look, the direction of the crests may suggest a globalization trend and direction of one of the crests upwards may be interpreted as organization approach to align all its talents with its organizational excellence policy. Another way of interpreting may be that the inward direction of peripheral crests indicates the inputs which are raw material, financial and human resources and lead to outputs namely product, profit and services.

Iran Khodro Company

Iran Khodro Company (public joint stock) was founded in August 1962 and was registered in Tehran Registration Co.( Registration no. 8352 , National code: 10100360794) The company first started production of LP buses, the chassis of which were imported from Germany and assembled them in the current northern factory of Iran Khodro. Production of 755,555 cars in 2010 was a new record for IKCO in the region, which counted for almost 50% share of the market. Moreover, Iran’s Industrial Management Organization marked IKCO as the best company under the titles of:
First rank in Sale, First rank in job creation, Second rank in profitability, Best industrial group in Iran’s car making companies, Best of all pioneer companies in Iran.
A growth in the company’s stock value, 40% improvement in IDRO qualitative figures for IKCO, cash flow management, better production chain supply by SAPCO and two to five percent price reduction in 65 cars concurrent with the first phase of government’s rationalization of subsidies plan can be also regarded as other accomplishments in 2010. Reconsidering export strategies based on Iran’s Supreme Leader recommendations and exporting 40 thousand cars through IKCO export network in 2010 with the main emphasis on sending IKCO brand cars to the Islamic countries’ markets were put on the agenda. This led to the global sale of 30% of IKCO cars (national car) in 2010. Dena as IKCO’s latest car enjoys world class standards regarding technology and design, the process of design and prototyping of which took less than a year. This sedan was unveiled on April 2011.

Pars Khodro Group

High quality of products
The conformity of the products to international standards of quality management, etc. Low fuel consumption of the products compared to the engine size and vehicle weight. The conformity of Pars Khodro’s products to international environmental standards.Having update technology, including power transmission system CVT
High quality of standards for parts and materials used in the products, in accordance with the standards of Renault and Nissan corporations.
The centralized paint saloons with the feature of painting multiple products simultaneously, which are unparalleled in the Middle East
Obtaining the Renault’s confirmation of by Pars Khodro’s Paint Lab for industrial testing of automotive paint in Iran as “Renault Reference Laboratory” Benefitting from the most equipped robotic production lines consistent with the update technology in the manufacture of products. Capability of launching the production lines of new vehicles in the shortest possible time, even at the same time. Variation in the production and supply of luxury products.

Zamiad Co

Zamyad Co. (Persian: خودروسازی زامیاد) is an Iranian commercial vehicle manufacturing company. It was founded in 1963 as part of the RENA Industrial Group in Tehran. In 1963, the company began producing Volvo N-Model trucks. and in 1970 started production of Nissan Junior 2000 pickup. In 1998 SAIPA took over the Zamyad company, who then undertook the production of the Z24, a license built version of the 1970-1980 Nissan Junior with a 2.4-litre engine. Since 2003, this truck is sold under the Zamyad brand. Zamyad produces a rebodied version of the Z24 called the Shooka.